What woods are panels available in?

We can offer all the designs in natural prime grade Birch, European Oak, American Walnut and Ash. There are also a couple of engineered wood options including a black, carbon colour and ebony which has a contrasting grain like a Macassar ebony.

Are you able to offer a bespoke profile?

This can be possible, however please note that it will invariably require a new cutter which will cost approximately £550.00 + Vat. There is also a minimum order of 6 x Sheets. To increase the dimensions of the profiles and designs will often require thicker timber which will also have an impact on the sheet price.

Are all the designs flexible?

Yes, if you buy the sheets in the 4.8mm thick format all the fluted or reeded designs are flexible across the 1200mm width. They will all bend inwards and outwards and can be bonded to curved panels. Note some designs ( due to the amount of timber machined out ) are more flexible than others. However they will bend to a 200mm radius and some much smaller. If you have any specific queries relating to one of the designs please contact us so we can check for you.

What sizes are panels available in?

All panels are available in sheets sizes that typically L. 2400 x 1200mm. With the European Oak, however there is the option of sheets L. 2980mm x 1200mm. For other woods we would have a check with suppliers about availability of timber in longer lengths and there may well be a minimum order quantity.

Which direction are the flutes or grooves machined?

The sheets are always profiled with the grooves and fluted designs running the long direction. We are not able to offer sheets with the designs running across the 1200mm direction.

Can you machine in MDF?

We do not offer panels with the profiles machined directly into MDF.

Are the panels suitable for painting?

Yes they are and we recommend birch for this. Birch is a hardwood that machines very smoothly and provides a excellent surface for painting.

Are the panels supplied with a finish applied?

All the panels are supplied as standard raw and unfinished. We recommend that prior to use they are sealed with an appropriate oil or lacquer. This will help protect the wood as well as making any maintenance such as cleaning or wiping over much easier.

What about any visible edges?

If you are using the panels for furniture, such as doors or drawers we can edge panels first with oak or walnut and then bond on the machined profile so you do not see the birch ply or MDF core.

Can the panels be used in a kitchen or bathroom?

Yes, as long as the panels are sealed all round with a suitable oil or lacquer.

Do you provide a cutting service?

Yes, we can provide panels cut to size. Please contact us for a quote as price depends on the quantity, size and whether the designs need to run through and line up across drawers or doors.